By golly, are we early?

By golly, are we early?

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  1. _Everyone wakes up at their own time_
    – Mike Hill

    Edit: I think that some first world country people are so self centered and do not know whats going on in the world.

    Those same people probably never paid 20 bucks remmittance fees on a 100 bucks transaction to feed help their family.

    Syria has cut all ties with any outside banks with no way to traditionaly transfer money in or out of the country.

    Seems like this person implies that energy usage is bad, has decided who is worthy of using energy and who is not and can justify their phone charging and car driving but can’t justify economic value transfer since they have a functioning system in their small world view.

    I have yet to meet a European(who already have fully functioning free and instant SEPA transfers) who understand the need in permissionless value transfers.

    But like, not everybody needs crypto to be completely honest. But going as far as saying bitcoin holders need to go to prison? It’s a bit extremist.

  2. Look at that (likely) privilged person who disapproves of investing or using bitcoin.

    If you are a privileged person coming from more developped stable democratic countries of course you wouldn’t probably understand why people still use bitcoin.

    But sadly some of us still live in shitholes and bitcoin is mechanism to survive inflation or government’s actions to take our money away from us. And of course those developed countries haven’t done anything to improve economical conditions or even human rights. It’s because “everyone is on their own”, right?? Because “every country decides itself”, right? Well if so, then you can’t blame people using and investing in bitcoin, because they are trying survive and have a better life.

    But privileged brats not being able to understand that? *pretends to be shocked*

  3. That’s really simplifying the issues. There is a stage 4 cancer in our fiat and legacy stock markets which estimates show that 50% of the global capital markets could be counterfeit. It’s a house of cards about to collapse and bitcoin is the solution since you cannot counterfeit with blockchain technologies. I get the parallel climate issue but cooling technology is advancing everyday and these servers are mostly powered by renewable energy. It will get more efficient quickly and use less and less just like computers today compared to 1970’s

  4. u/Namell

    Has spent probably 0 second thinking about this critically outside of reading a headline of some article somewhere on the internet.

    It’s such a shame the environmentalist types can’t figure out bitcoin. These idiots might understand it solves many of their problems.

    But they’ll continue to complain and demand everyone accept a lesser standard of living, even tho there’s alternatives that people made and seek.

    It’s people like Namell that are holding up real action on climate initiatives.

  5. I like to imagine that in the future as payments will be done with Bitcoin under the hood. People will think they are sending fiat but it’s just strike API and the general public will be none the wiser and continue to hate on Bitcoin.

  6. It’s fucking unstoppable at this point. Bitcoin is too well known and because of the difficulty adjustment if one mining operation shuts down another will pop right the fuck up in its place. I mean shit if it gets easy enough I’ll just start running one in my house. More btc for me.

  7. Nothing about bitcoin calls for using fossil fuel based energy.

    Moreover, it is regressive to think that the solution to climate change is to use less energy, as energy usage has always been a sign of technological advancement.

  8. Classic boomer talk.

    Nevermind that Mastercard and Visa burn WAY more energy. Nevermind that about 30% of the hashrate consist of green energy (solar panels are free energy for miners. Nevermind that all TV that are on standby on this moment burn 12 times more energy than the blockchain. Nevermind that Bitcoin is the revolution of money and that it separates money and state…

    It’s just magic internet money to make millenials rich in a monetary system that we fucked up by inflating the currency

  9. Money is literally printed (with nothing to back it) on the actual corpses of dead trees. Just because you don’t want to understand crypto, doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea, Karen.

  10. You Bitcoin haters are hilarious. Your fiats currencies are limitless and valueless. You keep printing that paper trash that’s propped up by the military’s of the rich and dangerous. We will balance the scale with crypto. Bitcoin is deflationary unlike the worlds paper currencies. You clowns are blind. You can’t even see that they have been saying that shit about BTC for a decade now.

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