Can Ethereum Incorporate a Radix Cerberus Consensus?

Can Ethereum Incorporate a Radix Cerberus Consensus?

I’m a big fan of Eth right now but I worry about the future of the project when I see ledgers like Radix using Cerberus consensus. In my view Ethereum will have to drop its blockchain based ledger and adopt a similar approach to Radix in the next few years to keep up. You can’t run a Facebook clone on Ethereum but Radix would have no problem.

My question is “Can Eth change to a Cerberus consensus mechanism or is that just too hard to pull off?”.

Disclosure I have long investments in BTC, Eth, Radix, Polkadot, Solana, Matic and load of others long and short in futures. I’m really looking for views on Radix to asset the correct weighting, very happy for people to slate any of these project but please stick to the facts and provide references.

For those of you unfamiliar with Radix here is a brief summary:

The main-net launched a couple of months back.

Cerberus consensus took 8 years to design and is the fastest decentralised ledger by far (it’s not a blockchain). Throughput millions of transaction per second with near instant finality (5s or less). The consensus mechanism is not a block chain and instead uses dynamic and theoretically infinite sharding on layer 1. The test net was able to run the entire history of Bitcoin in under 30 minutes.

Developers get paid a share of gas fees for providing code snippets.

Code based on Rust (very widely used object oriented programming language) but has security safety built in making development very rapid through code reuse. Code executes many thousands of times faster than on the Ethereum Virtual Machine which is frankly a mill stone around Ethereum’s neck.

Tokenomics look good half of the stock is released and half over the next 40 years with all transactions fees burned meaning the currency could turn deflationary with sufficient adoption. Vesting of early investors completed on the 15th of September 2021. The price has been subdued since but is likely to rise as these early investors have likely diversified their holdings.

Radix Labs is based in Stoke-On-Trent UK making attacks by SEC and China limited. Currently there are 100 validators but the road map specifies much greater decentralisation by next year which would not reduce throughput nor finality meaning it is a truly decentralised ledger. The team have kept strictly to their road map so far.

Developmental governance is non-existent right now but they acknowledge the need for on chain governance and plan to introduce this.

The XRD coin should be ranked 90th on CoinMarketCap but they insist on two exchanges before they approve the market cap. When a second exchange joins in the coin will get a lot more coverage being on the first page of

I would love to hear both serious criticism and any other interesting point of this project. I bought some recently on Kucoin, and Uniswap as EXRD and Bitfinex as XRD. It stakes as 20% on chain with three week lock up.

Nigel Jones

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