Can GitHub censor the code of Bitcoin? – The Cryptonomist

Can GitHub censor the code of Bitcoin? – The Cryptonomist

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  1. Github is just hosting that repository for easy collaboration. It can be placed somewhere else at any time.

    Git is fundamentally decentralized. Every developer that has the repository cloned has the full history. So all the code and the complete history of bitcoin development is spread across thousands of machines.

    Also the GIT commits essentially work like a blockchain as each commit references the checksum of the parent commit. So it’s also kinda censorship resistant, or at least you can’t tamper with the history without everyone immediately noticing it.

    The only thing that would be lost if Github closes the project would be the issue tracking and the pull requests. It would be a big inconvenience but nothing the project couldn’t recover from.


    >it could even be said that **the code is not really open source** since it is on a centralized platform.

    That is complete horsecrap. The only thing that could be said here is that the development of this open source project, currently relies on a centralized service for development coordination and organization, as many many other open source projects do. This is only for convenience, it can be changed at any time should Github cause any issues.



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