Can someone please explain how to sign up for this mysterious group of coinbase pre-launch traders? How is this not considered insider trading?

I noticed the last two times coinbase announced it would soon offer new assets, which is always published on the CB Pro twitter, that those coins all saw a significant surge that always predates the announcement by 1 to 4 days

Isn’t this considered insider trading? Is it simply permissible because regulations like this don’t yet exist for cryptocurrency, or do the same applicable laws from stock trading apply here? I recall the SEC was digging through discord to try and identify if doge was a pump and dump, so there must be some penalty, right?

i took screenshots of the 7 day charts, and annotated when Coinbase Pro’s Twitter account officially announced the new coins, which are linked below, along with the coin Gecko charts for each

[Coin Gecko Link](

[Coin Gecko Link](

[Coin Gecko Link](

###EDIT: before commenting, please read what I’m saying.

I realize these coins are available elsewhere, but no one should know to buy them elsewhere until everyone does.

the coincidental bull run on coinbase launch coins just a few days in advanced is becoming too common to dismiss as simply coincidence.

if there is another coinbase outlet for announcement other than twitter and blog posts (early email list perhaps) that anyone is aware of, please share your knowledge of the existence of this [if you can]

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  1. People really need to start reading more attentively. Most of the comments on this thread are related to the pump after coinbase’s announcement instead of the one before… Yikes

  2. The only coin base launch I’m familiar with is ADA since I’m new to crypto. Everyone was talking about the coin base listing for months before it actually happened. No one knew anything for sure, but there is an application process of sorts that the more experienced people seemed to be following.

  3. Yes, I think it must be. Unregulated insider trading. The other big exchanges seem to be super careful in this area as when they (to be decided, there is money so a regulative body will appear whether people like it or not) do decide to regulate the fines and prison sentences are pretty harsh.

  4. “Isn’t this considered insider trading? ”
    Sure I guess….
    But hey… everyone seems to be dogmatic about not having any regulations, so I guess you should be very happy about this

  5. There are a ton of exchanges besides Coinbase. So when Coinbase announces they are going to get a new one, naturally people will buy it on other exchanges expecting a rise in price.

  6. Assuming you theory is correct, a possible reason could be coinbase buying the crypto to provide liquidity as a market maker for the coin that is about to come on market. I know they tend to have very tight spreads, not sure if they themselves help with that or not.

  7. Two thoughts come to mind.

    It’s not really “insider” if it’s announced on the news that it’s about to be listed.

    Also, if it is insider trading, who would regulate it? A worldwide SEC? Extradition laws, red tape, VPNs, make it hard to track down, arrest and/or fine anyone.

  8. If you were already signed up to this group, would you consider yourself an insider trader? Unless you are being sarcastic, would we be having this conversation about the ethos of such groups? I doubt it.



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