Can someone please explain what’s going on in the tweet thread by Amir Taaki and Eric Voskuil?

Here’s the thread.

These are two bitcoiners I respect, and the seem upset about something I don’t really understand. I have heard there are multiple “implementations” of Bitcoin, but I don’t really understand what that means. Is it a different way to use code to also verify bitcoin transactions? Can they not get their code approved or do they have beef with Core developers, or what’s going on here?

I guess specifically, I have two questions.

1. What’s going on in the thread (ELI5)
2. Am I understanding bitcoin implementations correctly?

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  1. Bitcoin is open source. They don’t need money to throw their code and release on GitHub.

    If their code is good and compliant with the network then there should be no reason some nodes could opt for their way. But given their temper tantrums I am sure we’ll see another shitcoin fork shortly…

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