Can someone send me a ticket to BTC conference?

This event is out of my price range, I tried volunteering, asking for an open source pass, etc. my last resort is asking my fellow BTC holders if they happen to have an extra unused ticket. (Bring on the down votes!馃槅)

This would be my first one, I happen to be in the Miami area and I鈥檓 trying to find a way to make it happen.

If someone has an extra and unused ticket. I鈥檓 the guy you want to give it to and I pledge to pay it forward somehow when the bull run kicks in. Cheers!

Please like maybe my comment will bubble to the top

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  1. If something is out of your price range cope. Would you buy a expensive car with debt when you can’t afford it or beg someone to buy it for you respectively?

    Fuck this conference anyway, lots of “influencers”, wannabes and Twitter twats….

    I’d rather spend the 1k on 2m sats before going there…lol

  2. Can someone just send me anything I want because I can’t get it myself?

    Honest, I’m the guy that wants that thing I don’t want enough to pay for myself.

    I’ll pay it forward in the future, as long as someone sorts that out for me too.

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here鈥檚 where to buy Troy

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