can you believe r/Buttcoin is actually real?

can you believe r/Buttcoin is actually real?

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  1. This is not my 1st account, although this account is pretty old. I was here since 2013 and it was so satisfying to debate those trolls and become rich over the years while those dickheads missed the train.

    It’s not that I disliked them because they had opposing views! but they were very condescending about it and trolling the sub especially at the start of 2015 when bitcoin went from 1200 to 150.

    This made me buy even more and go all in around that time. I tried to listen to their views because I wanted to be sure I wasn’t making a mistake investing in Bitcoin, but in the end they made me go all in because they tried really hard and didn’t have any good arguments.

    I realized I had to go all in when bitcoin was down and they were at the top of their euphoria.

  2. Would you believe that subreddit was formed in July 2011.

    **YES, 2011.** You are bound to be salty when you missed out on such a huge opportunity.

    And I am banned from there before I exposed one regular poster who is Greek and salty because his social benefits were cut due to Greece going bankrupt.
    These kind of free loaders formed r/buttcoin .

    And now they circle jerk on others who took risk and got into bitcoin.



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