Can you confirm I’m reading these terms & conditions correctly. . . .

I’m looking into different offers which give crypto for free and came across [this one]( . Could you please click on the terms and scroll down to section 4 ‘Mechanism’. Am I right in thinking that if I sign up and deposit $100 of crypto, and keep it in for 30 days, I will then get the $25 bonus?

Also, it looks like the page explaining [fees]( says that all users will get (at least) one free withdrawal per month. Am I understanding this right?

If I’m reading these two points correctly I should be able to deposit $100 worth, keep it for one month, then withdraw it for free with the $25 bonus?


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  1. Seems like the real nexo site, withdrawal fees is what should be looking out for however but it seems to be not bad if any at all, might enter one of these myself for 25 free buckaroos in btc lol

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