Canada has approved 3 Bitcoin ETF’s, while USA has approved none! The regulators and lawmakers in USA need to wake the fuck up.

The Canadian regulators has approved 3 Bitcoin ETF’s which are live and trading on Canadian stock exchanges – Purpose Investments’s **BTCC** ETF, Evolve bitcoin exchange-traded fund **EBIT** and the CI Galaxy Bitcoin ETF **BTCX**.

The first one to launch, BTCC Bitcoin ETF traded $200m shares on Day One, the highest volume for any Canadian ETF and would likely rank in Top 5 all-time among US ETFs too. Demand since the launch has also been high and the ETF’s have been well received.

Meanwhile USA regulators have kept dilly dallying for far too long, with lame excuses about liquidity and “to protect investors and the public interest”. While most of the SEC members rejected the ETF, Hester Pierce (known as crypto mom) published a dissent: [](

Now a bunch of Bitcoin ETF’s are again in front of the SEC. It is now high time the SEC approves it.

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  1. The US is so worried about other issues that they pay no attention to the accelerating adoption of cryptocurrencies, it’s unfortunate. The government could capitalize on the early emerging market yet instead focus on making the dollar worth less and less by printing more and more.

  2. The US just doesn’t want to be a global leader in fintech and they’re happy to let other countries be #1. How merciful of us.

    “We’ve ran the block for far too long. We need to be out of the top 10 at something… why not the financial future of the planet?” – US regulators.

  3. Lmao USA loves control, and Bitcoin is freedom, that’s why they won’t step up their game, they like the control of debt.

    It doesn’t matter though usa will be left behind chinas already way ahead of USA

  4. I wish this was the only thing the US didnt get right…

    Keep in mind that the SEC is US based. That altcoin crash back in December that threatenes this whole run was due to these outdated fools thirating over the crypto gains.

  5. The issue isn’t around liquidity, the issue is around the ease of manipulation to the market! And I know ppl will say, what about GME blah blah blah….but Bitcoin can be readily and easily manipulated. It therefore makes sense that the regulators are slow to approve



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