Cannot say no to free crypto

Hi guys,

Cannot help but post the new video by coin bureau on how to earn free crypto…I was surprised to find some of the fine ways we can earn free crypto and will definite rate the video must watch

Link to video[link to youtube](

He talked about
1. Airdrops…congratulations to those who landed 400 UNI on launch last year…check

2. Bounty air drops…stuff u get by joining telegram channels and other campaigns
3. Publish0x …you get crypto for reading or writing blog

4. Coin base earn for watching free videos
5. Play blockchain games like town star made by zynga cofounder or enjin game like Lost relic
6. Binance earn

And finally our beloved moon from Reditt…no one can beat that though!!

He missed BAT from Brave browser but overall great ways to earn free crypto

Feel free to let us know if there any other way to earn free crypto…it is fun knowing in the past you get 5 BTC for completing captcha!!!

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  1. If you’re in the US or Canada you can play Coin Hunt World and earn BTC and ETH just by walking around and answering trivia questions. If you’re out of the region but have iOS, you can answer 1 trivia question a day and keep everything you earn when the game releases in your area.

    If you’re interested, check [this guide.]( It explains pretty much everything a newcomer needs to know, including how to install the game since it’s still in beta.

    Also they’re planning to expand to the UK/Europe in late summer so keep an eye out.

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