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MATIC, ALGO, EGLD & XMR Primed For a Break Out!


  • XRP could possibly hit highs of around $1.2. Extreme sell-offs would plummet XRP below $1.
  • ADA might hit its resistance around $2.4 but could test its support levels before the uptrend.

  The crypto space has been a rough sail for altcoins such as XRP and ADA. However, the coins have managed to withstand strong and gusty winds. Meanwhile, investors and traders are eagerly waiting for a pull-out from the blues.

XRP Price

XRP at press time is trading at $1.09, with negative gains for the last 24-hours at 1.1%. The market cap stands at $51,193,598,011. While the trading volume for the last 24-hours hovers around $3,742,571,734. 

XRP has been moving along the descending triangle. A triple top formation is visible on the charts. The coin has attempted to break through each time and has failed to keep up the momentum. 

The digital asset has been moving along a narrow range. If it breaks out the triangle, we can expect it to reach its resistance at $1.2. On the contrary, XRP would move across the narrow range. However, extreme sell-offs would result in XRP plummeting below $1.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano, the top-tier altcoin at press time is trading at $2.16 with negative gains at 1.1% for the last 24-hours. While the market cap is at $69,172,092,701. The trading volume for round the clock floats around $1,749,372,395. ADA has not let its foot lose at its level of  $2.0, despite the crash. However, massive sell-offs might result in ADA plunging to its strong support levels. Prior to rebounding to its resistance around $2.4

Collectively, XRP and ADA could propel towards their respective resistance levels in near future. And hopefully, bullish momentum could follow with the commencement of the alt season. Netizens are expecting a massive rally to follow, as it has been due for a brief period of time. 

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