Cardano NFTs Released

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Mary hardfork allowed for native tokens on the Cardano Blockchain which has opened up NFTs on Cardano.

There are already NFTs that have been minted and are being traded such as Spacebudz that released about 2 weeks ago. But there are many more in the works and that have already been minted! Cool part about NFTs is that each one is completely unique, so you are the only one that owns it!

Check out the first Cardano NFTs, Spacebudz, in the link!

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  1. For those wondering about the how this worked without smart contracts – the creator of spacebudz explains it pretty well in this article – [](

    He also talks about the challenges a little bit in this interview: []( .

  2. Any resources on how to mint and sell one? I’m interested in getting my art out into the cardano NFT space before it gets completely flooded (like the eth one).

  3. Yes, Cardano NFTs are somewhat old news. But the community has seen a surge in projects recently. The pool I’m currently delegated to (VIPER stake pool) is working on a NFT project called AdaCards. It’s an interesting take on the NFT side of things. Take a look for yourself on their Twitter:




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