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Following yesterday’s market-wide meltdown, Cardano momentarily fell below $2. The bulls, on the other hand, jumped in and protected this crucial level.

As it recovered from the.618 Fib level, ADA found support at $2 today. The cryptocurrency is still down 10% on the week, but $2 appears to be a promising level for bulls.

ADA is now hovering around $2, From here,

the first level of support is $2.05, $2.00, $1.88. In case of a further downtrend, $1.80 and $1.75 are the next levels.

The initial resistance, on the other hand, is at $2.21. Following that are $2.33, $2.40 and $2.55. With the support from the broader market, ADA can spike up to $2.70.

Cardano Price due for an explosion!

Cardano, according to the host of Coin Bureau, has the potential to start a major new wave of crypto innovation on par with the launch of Ethereum.

Cardano is giving tremendous prospects, according to pseudonymous analyst Guy, he says that several decentralised applications (DApps) are ready to launch on the mainnet.

Guy claims that one of the reasons consumers and developers are drawn to Cardano is its unique staking structure, which makes it one of the most decentralised cryptocurrencies on the market, according to him.

He goes on to say, staking incentives on ADA are currently approximately 4.5 percent each year, and the lack of a staking lock or unlock time makes it a no-brainer to do so, which is why nearly 70% of the ADA supply is currently staked. Cardano is now the most valuable blockchain in terms of active stake.

Guy cautions, though, that ADA’s position as the third-largest cryptocurrency user base may be a double-edged sword for developers.

He says, Cardano has approximately 1.6 million users, making it the most active cryptocurrency community. This is fantastic, but it’s also a developer’s worst nightmare because they know their DApps can’t possibly handle that much traffic. 

Hence, as a result of this reality, practically every Cardano project is delaying its debut in order to stress test its infrastructure, as deploying their DApps now would be disastrous.

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