Cardano’s IOHK Partnered with EBU to Make Education in Africa More Accessible

Cardano Announced Second Major Partnership in Africa

Input-Output HK – development company and driving force behind Cardano (ADA) – joined forces with the European Business University of Luxemburg (EBU). Their goal is to make education in developing African countries more “accessible, affordable, and equitable.”

Cardano’s New African Endeavors

The research and development organization Input-Output HK (IOHK) announced the collaboration with the European Business Univerisity of Luxemburg (EBU) earlier this week:

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“We are pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership between IOHK and the European Business University of Luxemburg.”

The education provider has stretched to over 36 global organizations and currently educates 2,000 students in Africa. With that said, IOHK would aim to provide training programs and further schooling projects on the continent. The collaboration would also give local students access to educational materials for free.

EBU will enroll in an EBU Certificate program. Instead of tuition, students would only pay a €10 commitment fee. The university will offer courses from the program in Plutus and Haskell – smart contract platforms of Cardano.

In its turn, Cardano garnered the attention of the cryptocurrency crowd recently as the dollar value of its native token reached an all-time high of nearly $3. On-chain data from social media platforms even confirmed that ADA had become the most talked-about digital asset in the past few days.

Cardano Already Stretched to Ethiopia And Tanzania

In April, the popular DLT project Cardano – partnered up with the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia to work on a blockchain-based national ID system.

The network will be based on the Atala PRISM. It should allow for the creation of secure records of “educational performance for 3,500 schools, 5 million students, and 750,000 teachers, giving all pupils verifiable digital qualifications and increasing social mobility.”

The blockchain project continued with its expansion on the African continent shortly after. IOHK and World Mobile teamed up on an initiative to use Cardano’s network to create digital identities, mobile internet connection, and financial acceptance to communities in Tanzania.

Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile, praised the mission of the organization together with their partners from IOHK:

“World Mobile has built a network based on a new relationship between people and connectivity in which ownership, governance, and identity work to empower the user and make access available to all in a sustainable way.”


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