Cartoon from 1949 explains today’s price wage spiral

Cartoon from 1949 explains today’s price wage spiral

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  1. The educational content in this one cartoon is worth several weeks of education by today’s low standards. It’s awful how we’ve dumbed down society. The teens I know in high school are as dumb as pigeons but have B+ averages and would rather lick a battery than endure such a “long” video. But if they buy BTC now they can still have a really good life.

  2. Yeah the only bullshit part of this is when the increased productivity turns into both increased wages for the labor and decreased prices for the consumer.

    In reality, nearly every cent of it instead becomes extra pocketed capital for shareholders, stagnant wages for labor, and increasing consumer prices over time thanks to inflation. The same inflation that is now kicking in seriously high gear thanks to the non-stop money printerrrrrr

  3. I see all these comments that are like “people are morons today and that’s why everything is bad!”

    The major difference between today and then is that the government was way more willing to invest in its people in the wake of FDR. A lot of rich people hated FDR for not wasting tax money on pet projects for the elite, and they pooled their money to create a media empire whose specific goal was to make people as stupid and willing to vote against their own interests as possible.

    Videos like this were government funded PSAs like 90% of the time. They did shit like that all the time because they didn’t just assume people were informed. They also thought people deserved to be informed, and a country had a duty to educate its people-an idea that has definitely since died!

    Now we are back to where we were before WWII, and actual morons are like “it’s the decay of values and globalism that got us here!” You are saying the exact shit these people have paid billions over decades to get you to say.

  4. This cartoon is correct in two aspects – capital is necessary for investment and productivity can increase wages.

    BUT increased automation means labour costs are much lower now and when that cartoon was made the US government couldn’t print unlimited money and debauch the currency.

    Labour costs do not cause inflation, they are a result of it. This is just the start of a government propaganda campaign to blame workers for price inflation.

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