Cathie Wood Ark CEO: Bitcoin is the “Best Hedge Against Inflation, Better Than Gold” – Feb 23 2021

Cathie Wood Ark CEO: Bitcoin is the “Best Hedge Against Inflation, Better Than Gold” – Feb 23 2021

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  1. It’s the most natural thing in the world to be skeptical of Bitcoin when you first hear about it. And then it’s also the most natural thing in the world to embrace it once the idea *clicks*.

  2. ARK also has subsections dedicated to satellites and space. She is aware of all the floating *literal* rare earth metal mines in space. The only reason they’re sought after, outside of ape brain like status and shiny, is because they’re scarce. When they no longer become bound to the estimated finite limit on earth, it’s like the galaxy becomes a gold/silver printer that lowers the value of non-tech metals.

  3. I dunno, I’m all for Bitcoin, but ever since Cathie Wood came out saying that God literally told her to start the ARK fund she’s been locked and filed away in the loony bin for me.

  4. Honest question here. Downvote me if you must, trying to be honest here.

    What is Bitcoin intrinsic value?

    I agree with her Bitcoin will be a better investment than gold but I disagree with it being a hedge against inflation. Bitcoin value will be inflated by centralized banks printing more money, but once the dollars become worthless with inflation, is the bet that Bitcoin in the new world will be used as the barometer for mediums of exchange?

    I’m invested into Bitcoin, not because I believe it’s a hedge against inflation, but because I think it’ll inflate fast and more so than most precious commodities and because if hyperinflation did occur, Bitcoin might be used as their medium of exchange.


  5. Bitcoin’s intrinsic value is the security of its global decentralized network that mitigates corruption and its limited supply. There are other reasons its valuable but these are the main ones.

    Bitcoin cannot be inflated by fiat. If central banks print fiat then they are inflating the supply of money that represents their countries value(GDP) If that value then gets transferred to BTC, it isn’t an inflation of BTC but just a transfer of value from a fiat monetary unit that is now worth a little less. If BTC was being inflated every time people traded into it, the price would still be at a fraction of a cent. BTC is not a stable coin.

  6. Please remember there are only 21 million bitcoin that can ever exist. No more can be created. We have mined over 18 million coins already leaving very little left for the billionaires and corporate entities to have any. To be able to send money anywhere in the world in under a minute without permission from any centralized bank or authority is very attractive. In regards to Bitcoin votality, zoom out on a chart and see USD trends down due to inflation and money printing and btc trends up in value, it’s an inflation hedge, a store of value. 22% of the Circulating US dollars were printed in 2020, and we have another 1.9 trillion incoming. That will push it up to 40%!! It’s time to ask, what is value?

  7. I am a bitcoin HODLER, and I think it is better than gold. But the elephant in the room is: why is it the best inflation hedge? Why is it a better inflation hedge than owning index funds of multiple stocks? Genuine question, not trolling. Everybody compares bitcoin to fiat and gold and nobody compares it to stock index funds.



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