Cathie Wood Talked about Bitcoin during recent live interview with Saxo

Cathie Wood Talked about Bitcoin during recent live interview with Saxo

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  1. **Cathie**: We took a weekend, bullish, 2 bitcoin. 8,015 when it was a 6 billion work. Today it’s about a trillion work in a $2 trillion at new asset. And that what I just import new asset class because to have to look at the coin. It is a correlation of return. Here is very, very low relative to any other pace, the highest correlation between the coin and other assets, real estate. That’s a 0.3. That’s if you look at most others very low correlated. This is what institutional of speaking. We had a bit about this year. Elon Musk put a bitcoin, a Tesla’s balance sheets, where as well Micro strategy as well and the pullback where it’s all about environmental bitcoin going to it consuming too much energy H, too many bad fire menstrual impact.

    And the step back from 64,000 to about it. Now we’re closing in honesty thousand again I think partly because of our work where we held the conference call bird. It was all about the most consensus around bitcoin in particular. And environmental is one of them for the same argument being made about the internet In the 90s and early 2000. That they can something of it was outrageous. It was that of AA major country. I forget which one they think at the time. We can just and how the internet burned our lives. And in the act, steps to the emerging marketing called the mobile phone on the computer and transform lives in such a good way of side effects there. But I think everyone agrees internet has been a good thing. Point is the first pride global released monetary system that old has ever known.

    We believe that outdoor what’s happening in ourselves. The outdoor is unbelievable. It is because the president decide that L style of the door was going step out. It’s innovate. The president there, it has given every of it is $30 worth a big point in achievable wallet. If you look at if you look at that country or 2 millions in out of the adults have banking already. Today, roughly 3 million have downloaded the chief of it are using it not just to that $30, but to do your exchange. So what did you talk about the next? We think remittance is one of the most important and I believe ways on that remittances a disproportionate amount of the activity. We believe emerging markets are going embrace bitcoin from there, many have corrupt regimes don’t trust. They are monetary authorities, they don’t politicians generally. And we think emerging markets are a huge year. We believe that used a loan if we take away major money supplies. The probable they are going to change that much. He used to get a loan will leave the numbers 200,000 if it were early throughout the emerging markets, ex-China that that would account for $1,000. 100 to 200. And forgive me. I don’t know that. Which one did? I do know is the instant were to allocate 5% of their poor globally ex-China that is alone would be $500 in addition to the thousand dollars. In a bit, coin is priced. This is much like what happened with can’t get funds when it came to realism indeed. It came to emerging it in the 80s and 90s in the chance. We think this is the next iterates the diversification into a complete asset class. The first asset class since the 1600 equities launched.

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