Cathie Wood – The Reason Why Bitcoin Can Take Over the World #Shorts

Cathie Wood – The Reason Why Bitcoin Can Take Over the World #Shorts

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  1. Interesting that bitcoin is so often described in terms of its fiat currency value, $6 Billion, $4 Trillion, or whatever. Like it’s just understood that the only thing you can actually do with cryptocurrency is just convert it back to fiat currency one day, and hopefully make a profit in fiat currency that you could actually use to go buy groceries or a Ferrari or a house or a Rolex or whatever. Because cryptocurrency itself has about as much value as beanie babies, or cabbage patch dolls, or baseball cards, or Dutch tulip bulbs back in 1636.

    If I’m wrong about that then please tell me that you are actually holding on to all of your cryptocurrency with the expectation that you will soon be able to buy your groceries with it and not just cash it out for more US dollars than you paid for it.

    Does anybody want to sell me their house? I can pay for it with vintage cabbage patch dolls, I have a large collection that is worth a lot, ha.

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