Cathie Wood – We are in a Highly Deflationary World

Cathie Wood – We are in a Highly Deflationary World

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  1. Her comments made me really think about millennial participation in the markets. I can see millennial investment habits only accelerating the disruptive technology and hastening the death of many legacy sectors. Crypto is just one example, an important one though.

  2. I love Cathie, her way of looking into returns is something different, not the usual benchmark boomer analysis.

    She has in eye for the future, and completely right about millennials, I’m a millennial on a 140k salary a year, and I know a lot of others are too. We have grown up and are now making good money. Where does this money go ?

    Because overinflated property is not my form of investment, aside from the family home. Only benefit is being able to leverage money form the bank in the form of assurance on the house.

  3. the inflation/deflation dichotomy is a red herring to distract from hell imposed by central planners. any sophist worth their salt can argue reasonably that one person’s “deflation” is another person’s “inflation”.

    it depends on which things you are measuring. for example, the entire globe is now MUCH POORER in every way since our new totalitarian rulers have taken control (yeah yeah, and the super-serious flu is partially to blame as well, if we pretend the Fauci-funded communist lab didn’t create the pandemic in an act of pure govt negligence or worse). Point is it doesn’t matter what the prices of things are ultimately. It matters how wealthy people are, how many high quality goods and services are being produced, and what goods and services your govt is *allowing* you to access today (can you even leave your home for example?). And objectively that has significantly declined. Lockdowns are deflation of everything including the value of your life and free will. And printing money into our bank accounts causes a sort of inflation yes, but it has nothing to do with how much of anything we have. It’s just numbers on a screen. What good is an “inflated” salary when the store shelves are less full than before, and you aren’t allowed to go unless you show your govt mandated papers? Do you think the prisoners in Stockholm were concerned about inflation and deflation?

    Inflation and deflation are never the cause of what’s wrong or right. They are only symptoms. Meaning the entire basis for central bank’s existence is a lie. All they are doing is pulling levers and writing propaganda to maintain their ability to counterfeit and therefore steal your money. All of their humanitarian talk is bullshit.

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