Celer Network going ahead with the release of cBridge mainnet


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Celer Network is coming up with their new cBridge mainnet, which holds new features.
  • cBridge promises cost-free and easy transfer of multiple assets across distinct blockchains.
  • The network has been built to support interoperability and produce a great secure environment.

Moving tokens from one platform to another come with a huge cost sometimes. In such situations, there is a demand for a network that will support the transactions involving the movement of various tokens.

These movements can be on the same blockchain or another. For people seeking such a network, it has been revealed by the Celer Network that their new cBridge is now live and promises to be a secure Layer for traders and investors alike.

Celer Network looking to accelerate swapping of tokens

Celer Network has made huge promises with the release of cBridge, and we can expect to transfer tokens across major blockchains. These blockchains include the BSC, ETH, BTC, Polygon (MATIC), and Arbitrum chains.

Mo Dong has made the goal of his life to further the adoption of cryptocurrencies. He has co-founded the Celer Network, a platform that provides layer-two scaling for the same purpose. cBridge will be open-source, i.e., it will be available to everyone.

cBridge will be miraculously useful

cBridge will come in handy for all the traders looking to transfer or swap their tokens and are tired of humongous fees. The DeFi developers and gamers seeking interoperable platforms in the industry are particularly interested in Celer Network and its releases.

cBridge represents cross-chain transactions and integrations, which are a specialty of Polkadot (DOT). Recently, the CELR token, the native token to Celer Network, has enjoyed being the center of attraction after being integrated with DOT.

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