Central Bankers want a CBDC so they can control your life.

Central Bankers want a CBDC so they can control your life.

Central Bankers want a CBDC so they can control your life. from Bitcoin

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  1. Snakeface lied, it’s currency in El Salvador and she refuses to acknowledge that. Won’t be long she’ll eat those words as it becomes a currency in a dozen countries before the next halvening.

  2. Does anyone think this woman knows how to even update anti virus software and run a scan

    How’s this woman about to tell the world why tech is bad and they don’t need tech lol

  3. An important pillar of the power of **the ruling mafia** is **the threat of confiscation**. They want to keep that power. That is why **KYC** is so important to them. It is our job to drastically reduce the power of the ruling mafia by eliminating the threat of confiscation. Cryptocurrencies will never support KYC. Ever. And neither will the Afghan hill tribes.

  4. Hahaha. Money is abstract and the people who use it decide if it is currency or not.

    And nobody said they dont want physical money. The benefit of crypto is not that it is digital but that it decentralized. A central bank coin is actually retarded sounding.

  5. Guess what bitch! YOUR ideas are highly speculative. Couldn’t be more democratic than allowing a currency to rise up from nothing. Bitcoin is what it is because the people say so vs your stinking ideas that are what they are because a few people say so

  6. any currency created by government will be open ended, they will just go to a computer and type in a 13 digit number instead of printing it…same $hit different stink.

  7. It’s too late. No matter what these people from the banking industry say, smart people would prefer to own solid crypto currencies. And if by “crypto currencies are highly speculative” don’t you mean that your USD is speculative that it will maintain it’s buying power or value? So far, the USD has been dropping in value for as long as I’ve been alive lady.

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