Centric’s Migration to Binance Smart Chain

Centric’s Migration to Binance Smart Chain

Centric made the recent announcement of migrating to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The tokens of Centric, Centric Cash, and Centric Rise will become a part of the standard native token BEP-20 at the BSC. The official migration of Centric to BSC shall take place on July 15, 2021. The platform of Centric will withdraw its support for TRON-CNR/CNS in its native wallet, and therefore the exchange forums that officially list CNS tokens shall transition in listing from TRON-CNS to the tokens of BSC-CNS.

Effective from July 15, 2021, the TRON-based tokens of Centric will function as before through the smart contracts of Centric. However, the users of Centric would be at an advantage if they redeem the TRON-based tokens of Centric at the BSC. The redemption of tokens shall enable participation in trading and exciting project launches of Centric on the BSC. At present, there will not be any issue with new tokens. As for the migration, the users can redeem BSC-CNR/CNS tokens on a one-for-one basis with TRON-CNR/CNS tokens. The users of Centric who hold their tokens in external wallets can employ the Centric Convert tool to convert the CNS to CNR after the migration.

Along with the migration of Centric to the BSC, Centric Cash will be recognized as Centric Swap, and there will be no changes made to the CNS ticker. It will take around 24 hours to complete the migration. During this period, the users can log in to their wallets but will not be able to send or convert tokens with the help of the wallet. After the migration, the users shall receive a new and unique address for their BSC Centric Wallets. Login to the wallet right after the migration to obtain the new wallet address. The address of the TRON-based Centric Wallet shall cease to be functional after the migration.

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