Change My Mind: Polygon’s (MATIC coin’s) Marketcap is Undervalued As Long as It Remain Less Than Polkadot

**I like both projects**, but I struggle to find the logic in the difference in marketcap other than the typical irrational market. This is not advice, just person observation.

* Polygon (MATIC coin) already has adoption – polkadot too.
* Polygon can do what Polkadot can do and more via alternative L2 options for Ethereum
* Polygon has ALL of the developer environment and tools of Ethereum – polkadot leans on Ethereum too, but not quiet the same transferability. Polygon has a clear advantage here.
* Polygon has the security of Ethereum as well as reach to Ethereum-based projects that want scalability-Polkadot does NOT have that.
* Polygon’s development was supported by TWO **competing** highest-profile exchanges, Coinbase (ventures) and Binance, which is uncommon
* Polygon (MATIC) is trading on Coinbase before Polkadot, an attribute of due diligence

It seem the Polygon is better situated as a hub for the “internet of blockchains” than Polkadot. Again, I like both projects a great deal, and this sector of blockchains is likely to become huge with room for both. **But the current marketcap of these two projects makes little sense to me**.

At the time of this post, Polkadot marketcap is >$30 billion, while MATIC (polygon) is <3 billion, greater than a order of magnitude difference, >10X. I do not see the logic in this.

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  1. I’m also bullish on Polygon but here are some points to think about.

    Polygon doesn’t have the security of Ethereum. It’s a centralized side chain (currently).

    The release and success of Optimistic Rollups might hurt the price of scaling solutions that have a coin.

  2. Dot has way more devs and projects already building on it. And as long as they are in Binance’s pocket which tries everything possible to kill ETH and keep crypto centralized Iam not interested.



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