Changes in Fee Structure by BitMEX Exchange to Increase Crypto Trading

Changes in Fee Structure by BitMEX Exchange to Increase Crypto Trading

BitMEX is one of the top-tier P2P cryptocurrency exchanges headquartered in Seychelles. It has strategically revamped its core fee structure to keep pace with the fast-developing cryptocurrency market space. 

According to the announcement, the altered Taker Fee on BitMEX exchange is 5bps (0.05%) on all products. This has been reduced by 2.5bps from the earlier charge rate of 7.5bps (0.075%) to reduce the payment burden on customers. The Maker Rebate has also been slashed from 2.5bps (0.025%) to 1bps (0.01%) for all the contracts on the portal. The expert team has put in a lot of effort to decide the new fee structure to expand the adoption rate for different levels of users. The charges have been fixed keeping in mind the requirements of investors so that the exchange can cater to a more diversified traders’ cluster. 

Keeping in mind the interests of the investors, the new fee module adopted by BitMEX will help them face the existing competition in the industry. The exchange policies will help the portal strengthen its hold in the derivatives and crypto sphere. The BitMEX review on various portals illustrates that users can actively participate in trading through BitMEX tools in a secure, transparent, and pocket-friendly way. The reduced fee charges will promote the adoption rate for cryptocurrencies amongst retail traders, big corporates, and renowned institutions. 

The fast-evolving crypto industry is coming into the limelight with greater participation from investors and business firms. The constant push to the crypto sector from fans and well-framed regulatory structures has helped it find its place in the financial sphere. The use of crypto tokens as a mainframe currency is gaining momentum across countries. Cryptocurrency exchanges like BitMEX offer best-in-class services to hesitant users so that they can actively take part in trading functions. Investors can trade, earn, and unlock unseen opportunities by taking the first step in crypto investing.

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