Checking top 10 tokens contract on CryptoMoonShots Sub front page with TokenSniffer

Hello people, had an idea about doing the experiment of checking top 10 coins right now on the front page of the /r/CrytoMoonShots with CoinSniffer.

#What is Token Sniffer?

It is a site that has the idea of trying to help people spot shitty, rugpull tokens. The functionality is pretty easy, you copy the contract of the token you are going to sniff and copy paste it in the search bar of the site, of which you will get a “small test” results that show you the following info

* Is it a verified contract source? This tells you that someone did register and that the code of the contract will be what is being deployed into the blockchain.

* No prior similar token contracts? Tells you if the code behind the contract is similar to other tokens released before, basically if your token is a copy paste from another token that was done in the past. **This one is important**

* Source does not contain a proxy contract? Basically if your contract checks if your contract isn’t wrapped on another one that could be used to “hide” it’s shitty status.

* Source does not contain a pausable contract? Tells you if whoever is in control of the token can pause or not it’s transactions.

#Here comes the results:

[Overall resulsts](

Post: [25,000 holders smashed in four days πŸš€Saturna, $80M market cap, unveiled BIG influencers as official partners, an NFT Marketplace, and has an AMA coming up!](

results **Copy paste token** from the likes of SafeBezos, DogePapa, Frogelon.

Post: [β­•πŸŒ• πŸŒ•β­• | Hot Meme Token w/ MoonStarter Token Launchpad πŸš€ !~~ This is How We Mooon It~~! Only $18m Market Cap πŸ“ˆ](

results: **Copy paste token** from the likes of TeslaSafe, CuteCat.

Post: [
Under 700k mcap, Doxxed devs, Audited. ApolloSpaceToken is a low mcap gem that’s due for an explosive run.](

results **Copy paste token** from the likes of: SPACE, SafeMartian, AngryDoge.

Post: [$ELNC – Blockchain meets construction 🀝|CoinGecko Listing in near future|[$500K Low Mcap]BSC Gem #7.](

results: **Copy paste token** actually from a different lineage, like TeddyBear and a former Elonium shit.

Post: [Is this the next Bonfire? [Serious]](

results **Copy paste token** from the likes of $BONER, what else should be said?

Post: [Its official! $HAPPY has broken past an ATH over a $35M market cap, and is about to go EXPONENTIAL](

results **Copy paste token** SafeShibe, SafuMoon, SafeWallet.

Post: [Money is flowing from top 100 to low mc coins. $MARS with MKC 1mil and 1,000 holders on the way. Hotter than ever!](

results **Copy paste token** from the likes of FlacidMoon……???

Post: [$ZBE cmc,cg applied. 1 day old – [200$k MarketCap] – 1000 Holders](

results actually appears not to be a copy paste, but there is too little info, it doesn’t seem Sniffer can check the name it is binded to.

Post: [AstroPup ($ASTRO) – Stoked TG [Launched 1 day ago][ $1.2M market cap, ATH just breached!]](

results **Copy paste token** from the likes of FinalMoon, MadLad, SafeFairMoon.

Post: [πŸ’Ž$Coco Swap is trending now! Get on the Mission To The Moon πŸš€](

results It isn’t found by the sniffer.


First off, the amount of emojis on the titles is disgusting.

So we have 10 token contracts, out of which we have 8 copy pasta coins, basically coins that required no effort to be done and come from completely sketchy unsafe sources, with many of them incluiding older rug pulls, and literally each one is a share their similarity with other tokens that have completely stupid names. 1 of them seems to pass each one of the sniffers simple tests, but doesn’t have any info registered, it doesn’t even have a name binded to the contract that the sniffer can show, and at last a coin that doesn’t even shows up on the sniffer.

After all as you can see, /r/CryptoMoonShots is a completely shitty subreddit, don’t get anywhere near it, most of the tokens that get there are scams, rug pulls or pump and dumps, in the past when I was more of a newbie I also got caught up in the idea of finding the next gem, and visited the subreddit and some others, I was convinced at points but the hassle to get on the swaps or the gas on UNI were too much and my stupid impulse was repressed by the time I had figured out how to buy them.

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  1. The emojis all over the sub remind me of a boomers Facebook wall to be honest

    β€œ Great day πŸŒ… with my kids πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ and husband πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨, went mini golfing β›³οΈπŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ»β€

  2. Good research thank you for this. All the posts there are blatant hype pumps.

    However just the fact that code is copied from various coins doesn’t mean the coin is a shit coin project. Still, good info.

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