Chia mining can wreck a 512GB SSD in as little as 6 weeks

Chia mining can wreck a 512GB SSD in as little as 6 weeks

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  1. I was so excited about chai since I don’t have a powerful machine but I have plenty of old drives around. The more and more I heard about it the worse it looks.

  2. If Chia coin does become popular, there will be drive shortages too, seeing that a 512 gb ssd is trashed in just 40 days and a 2 TB one in 160 Days, if it is profitable, I can see miners buying shittons of SSD’s and even HDD’s, unless cloud mining becomes more popular.

  3. tldr; Chia farming is a write-intensive activity that can destroy a 512GB hard drive in 40 days, according to MyDrivers. A 1TB SSD lasts twice as long, and a 2TB SSD can give up the ghost in just 160 days, or barely over five months. Chia farming uses software which stores a collection of cryptographic numbers on the disk into ‘plots’

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  4. And there is the downside!

    “Proof of space and time” is better than proof if stake as far as power consumption.

    But if it is going to generate far more e-waste then I would consider that much worse overall.

    I will be curious to see how these numbers pan out over time. Is this something that can be reduced via an update, or a bug, or just limited sample size?

  5. Why are they using SSDs for this and not HDDs? “paper planes are wrecked when you try to use them for haulage”? its like, youve purposely chosen the wrong tool for the job

  6. SSDs should only be getting wrecked by Plotting, which uses about 300GiB to create a 100GiB file. SSDs are preferred due to faster writes, but can still be done with HDD. This file is then farmed repeatedly, and with much less wear on SSD or HHD.

    Normal consumer SSDs would get wrecked mostly by plotting when files are stored in large external HDDs. But depending on size can still have PiB+ lifetimes. That’s nearly 300TB of plots created. The biggest consumer HDD I have seen is 18TB, 16 of which needed for that 300TB. Enterprise SSD has much more write lifetime.

  7. Interesting findings, though the SSDs are only running while the initial plots are made, and then the info is transferred to a standard HDD. At some point most people will run out of HDD space, and then the SSD will be idle. So while it sounds bad, I don’t know that it is any worse than the cost/lifespan of an AISC miner.

    With that being said, the SSD should definitely be dedicated to Chia and not your primary drive for your everyday computer. And it sucks more needless e-waste will be created.

  8. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of chia mining and this is the first article on the subject I’ve ever read.

    With that disclaimer out of the way, it seems to me that replacing the drives would just be a cost of doing business? The article states that Chia’s current valuation is over $1000, which may be lucrative.

    If, for example, the value of chia “mined,” for lack of a better term, exceeded the value of the drive and the electricity to produce it, wouldn’t you still profit?

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