China Central Bank says All Crypto related transactions are Illegal

China Central Bank says All Crypto related transactions are Illegal

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  1. If this is true, it means it is harder to get bitcoin in China from now on. They can confiscate everything, but it is hard to confiscate bitcoin.

    If their real estate bubble going to crash, some of that money must flow somewhere. Bitcoin is one the safest options, it operates outside of the system globally.

  2. So China… You have big deal right now. Because if you cant really stop BTC, people will realize how weak you are!

    Edit: Dont worry, we will take your piece of crypto, if you dont want it. Your sharr of digital market is probably gone now

  3. LMAO they already banned cryptocurrency! now they are banning it again! how many banns will it y
    take before they realize it cant be stopped!
    or is ut more of a perfectly timed bloomberg news release so somone can buy the yummy dipping sauce

  4. “China has long expressed displeasure with crypto because of its ties to fraud and money laundering, and excessive energy usage.”

    Yeah, that’s why. Not because they’re a communist party and can’t control and track their people’s’ spending and moving money out of the country when they use Bitcoin. Ridiculous that Bloomberg would even print that sentence.

  5. It’s going to be so funny when the biggest fuck you to China, is that it’s citizens – burned by their ruling on crypto – don’t convert over to the govt digi dollar. After they spent so much time and money on the project – it’s going to fail – because to enable it’s success it’s creators fucked over its hopeful users. Simple as that. Stupidest thing ever to do.

  6. The Government of China is not known for maximizing its citizen’s freedom. Also, they are clever and much better in long-term planning than our run-of-the-mill democratic governments, that know very probably won’t last more than a few years before losing the next elections. So, it is not surprising **at all** that they are cracking on crypto. It only shows that they understand what it is, and what it can do. Another reason to stay firm and support crypto.

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