China has introduces blockchain-based digital yuan to pay salaries in Xiong’an


TL;DR Breakdown

  • China has debuted the first digital currency backed by China, digital yuan
  • This payment system was introduced in Xiong’an New Area
  • This will be the first blockchain-powered CBDC for payments of salaries

China’s stance on cryptocurrencies is clear despite the rumors. After the rumors that Bitcoin was banned in China, China came out with its own central bank digital currency, the digital yuan. This proved to the first step by China towards the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. This fact was first reported by the People’s Bank of China or PBoC. This news has spread like wildfire.

The official website of Xiong’an New Area has reported this event which led to a spark in the eyes of the crypto investors in China. Now, they will be able to have their nation’s currency in the form of CBDC and this will help them in buying and crypto with great ease. The Digital yuan definitely has a lot of applications and China wants to test its capability.

The process behind digital yuan

This decision was ruled out by Shijiazhuang-based PBoC, National Development and Reform Commission, along with the Bank of China Hebei Xiong’an branch. Therefore, it will now be possible to use this blockchain-backed CBDC to counter any challenges faced in the blockchain industry. The first occurrence of this application of digital yuan will be seen in blockchain-based digital salary payments. Therefore, the salaries of employees will be available to them in the form of digital, blockchain-backed digital yuan. This is definitely a revolution in the history of crypto.

In the month of April 2020, the idea of digital yuan was conceptualized. The Agricultural Bank of China, Xiong’an branch was the first to prepare the first hardware wallet for China’s first central bank digital currency. The release of this CBDC has embarked on a new journey in the world of crypto and there is a huge chance that this is affecting the crypto market as well.

Although only a particular area is being tested, the CBDC has a lot of applications. China plans to implement the usage of digital yuan in a functional and systematic manner without the disruption of the traditional payment system.

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