Minutes ago President Bukele tweet about chivo app:

1.Chivo wallet technical errors are 95% corrected. In the next few days it will be working 100%.

2.The 200 ATMs in El Salvador work perfectly, as well as the 50 ATMs in the United States.

3.There are 51 Chivo points working at 100%.

4.In the United States we have Chivo ATMs (which you can use to recharge without paying commissions) where local legislation allows it:

• Los Ángeles

• San Francisco

• El Doral

• Atlanta

• Chicago

• Dallas

• El Paso

• Houston

• Laredo

• McAllen


5. The credit or debit card recharge option will be enabled as of tomorrow.

There you can recharge your chivo wallet with any credit, debit or gift card, anywhere in the world and without paying a penny of commissions.

6. New registrations are not enabled, nor is the app download for new phone models.

Both things will be enabled until the application has no errors (it will be a couple of days more)

7. We currently have more than half a million users.

8. Every day there are more businesses that accept payments in Bitcoin or dollars, using other apps and also chivo wallet.

-Super Selectos (Biggest local supermarket)

-Dollar City (Convenience store)

-Pollo Campero (Fried chicken local brand)

-Don Pollo (Fried chicken local brand)


-Banco Cuscatlán (Bank)

-Farmacias San Nicolás (Pharmacy)

9. There are some profiles blocked because they had a registration error (it was not completed) when the app still had problems, these users will be deleted so that they can register again, once their users are available again.

10. Those who have had problems with balance transfers to bank accounts or payments will be contacted by our technical team once the bank interconnection is resolved.

This will take a day or two, but all balances are posted and guaranteed.

11. The minimum of $ 5 in bitcoin for transactions to other wallets is eliminated. The new low is $ 0.01.

12. We are working with more businesses to offer additional benefits (such as discounts or special products) to chivo wallet users.

We set ourselves too high a challenge (launch everything in 3 months) and we made mistakes, but we are already correcting them and hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans CAN ALREADY use their chivo wallet without problems.

Soon everyone who wants it will also be able to enjoy its benefits.

Those who can. Those who don’t, have to wait, but it will be worth it. We are working to make the user experience better and better.

Also so that there are more benefits.

And remember that its use is OPTIONAL.

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  1. This is great news, I read about the flaws and sounded like just growing pains. No hacking or anything mostly transaction not going through and ATMs shut down temporarily. The 5 dollar minimum was too high for that country and I know that’s fixed too. I’m happy El Salvador bit the bullet cause every country after won’t have these issues thanks to them

  2. awesome, looks like they’ve figured out the issues and hopefully people give it another chance – they have nothing to lose.

    also didn’t know about the u.s atms, seems like a game changer for remittances.

  3. If this is true (I’m a developer, I know what developer optimism looks like) then you have done a mindblowing incredible job. Switching an entire country onto a new payment system, including ATMs, POS hardware, network, backend systems, mobile apps, not to mention all the non-technical work that is probably 90% of it, building organization, designing processes, educating users, dealing with politics… Oh man I can’t even begin to imagine the complexity of this and I have worked in enterprise IT for decades.

  4. is that accurate that they will be allowing purchases of bitcoin via credit card *in the US*?

    I don’t think the credit companies are going to like that very much, or they’ll be charging outrageous cash-advance interest rates

  5. Is it a layer 2 solution? How is that good if BTC gets centralized per every government entity that decided to adopt it?

    I guess people could eventually understand and go self custody, but would they?

  6. I don’t like number 12.

    I aslo chuckled at number 11 where the $5 limit “is eliminated” but was actually reduced. This is going to need maintenance as the price of Bitcoin fluctuates.

  7. Keep us posted on the actual results. Fixing bugs unfortunately can introduce other bugs. Especially when a software has few automated tests. As the chivo wallet was stitched together in 3 months I can well imagine the test coverage of the software …

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