Christine Lagarde’s wishful thinking will not change the fact that Bitcoin is a currency… but it will make her a meme 😂

Christine Lagarde’s wishful thinking will not change the fact that Bitcoin is a currency… but it will make her a meme 😂<a title="" class="aalmanual" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/ppyj12/christine_lagardes_wishful_thinking_will_not/

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  1. If a politician repeats something three times it is usually because it is bullshit that they are hoping to convince people of simply by repetition. If that person is also a convicted criminal then you should be even more wary of believing anything that they say.

  2. Lol shut up boomer Christine. What makes me laugh is that these older fucks won’t be around long enough, so why are they even speaking about crypto? It’s not their world to build anymore. Fuck off you old bag of bones

  3. A currency is a social agreement that something can be exchanged for goods and services and has a value both parties agree on (regardless of what this “something” is).

    Even a 5 USD voucher of Walmart is a currency for Walmart and its customers. You can pay with it, it has value, Walmart accepts it and gives you in exchange the good you ask for.

    No need for any third party (sorry Christine, also not you) to define for the rest of the people what a currency can be or not

  4. Why are all the people they put before us to convince us bitcoin is a fad and is going nowhere about 100 years old!!! Have they not managed to convince anyone with a life ahead of them yet 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Anyone else find it ironic that these people keep telling everyone Bitcoin is volatile, it’s a ponzi scheme and it’s a bubble going to pop and cause a crash.

    Meanwhile they’re the ones who literally manufacture global economic crashes and plan it out, then bet against the market e.g. 2008.

    Recessions caused by bankers: 847272726626
    Recessions caused by bitcoin: 0

  6. Funny thing is that I don’t care, I have nothing anyways. I’d just rather trust crypto than the bank. So what if I get fucked over, the greedy banks fuck me over every day. Holding crypto so I don’t have to give banks $30 bucks a month when my account is already low. I don’t care if I lose everything, why would I pay someone to use my money to invest and not give me any of the portions and charge me money to lend you my money?

  7. Such ignorance and hubris from the [litterally] criminally negligent Christine Lagarde. A sovereign nation considers bitcoin a currency in their national law “Full stop”.

    Additionally, bitcoin is not, and never has been, speculative. People just come to understand that it’s not speculative at different times.

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