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There are all kinds of juicy events taking place in the crypto space. Check out the latest one that has been mentioned by Michael Saylor.

Citadel CEO speaks at the Bloomberg conference

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor posted the following tweet:


Saylor is a popular Bitcoin maximalist who has been promoting the king coin regardless of its price.

There’s been a new prediction about the crash of the crypto market that we have all witnessed lately. Check out what Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor says about the whole thing.

Michael Saylor is explaining what the market crash could mean for Bitcoin

According to the latest reports coming from the online publication the Daily Hodl notes that MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is weighing in on the future of crypto a week after one stablecoin collapsed and sent ripples through the industry.

During an interview with Fox Business host Charles Payne, Saylor says digital assets can be broken down into three distinct categories.

“The crypto crashes illustrated that the entire crypto world consists of three things: one perfect thing, which is Bitcoin, and it is digital property.”

Saylor continued and said the following:

“A few imperfect things, they’re stablecoins. The world wants digital dollars. It’s just hard to find them. They’re looking like opaque money market funds.”

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