Coinbase and ForUsAll just opened the door to 70,000 employees putting 401K retirement funds—which consist of trillions of dollars—into crypto.

401K provider ForUsAll announced on Monday it will let employees add crypto to their portfolios. The offering, which ForUsAll says is the first of its kind, includes Bitcoin and more than 50 other digital tokens, including more exotic ones from the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) such as Algorand and Uniswap.

The crypto assets purchased by the 70,000 employees will be secured and managed by Coinbase Institutional.

P.S. US retirement market contains assets of $35 trillion usd

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  1. I don’t mix “government” retirement accounts with Bitcoin.

    I put fiat currency into my retirement “accounts”, and only when the employer matches my contribution. The government gets to say what I can do with that money, when I can do it, how much, etc. AND they get to change those rules.

    Meanwhile, we have the precious gift of Bitcoin — separation of money and state. Why stick precious Bitcoin into a government-controlled account?

  2. Uniswap is an “exotic” coin? You can buy it on CEXs. And you left out the part where you’re limited to allocating 5% of your holdings to crypto, which in a 401k would be $975/year.

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