Coinbase gave all their employees 100 shares as the stock went public yesterday. That would be worth over $40 000 if you sold directly when the stock went live.

Selling at the top is almost impossible of course, but still quite a nice bonus. It’s pretty obvious though how these things work – VCs, investors and probably also employees dump their stocks as it goes live. Retail buys it up and are left holding the bags.

I do think investing in Coinbase could be a good investment over the years. Bitcoin and crypto is here to stay. The initial valuation is very high though, Coinbase is worth 10% of Bitcoin‘s whole market cap. Either Coinbase is overvalued or Bitcoin is undervalued, or both.

Me, I’d rather put my money in Bitcoin. What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Most of Coinbase’s money is made in fees. If crypto goes up, they make money. If crypto goes down, they make money. Very few people who buy crypto now will not be buying crypto 5 years from now, but MANY people who haven’t even considered buying crypto will be doing so 5 years from now. Coinbase will be HUGE in a few years.

  2. They’re lucky. When I worked for Comcast, all we received was some crappy book the founder wrote about establishing Comcast. It we DID get free subway that day. /Brag

  3. It was actually a really kind gesture. I believe that most of the people that work there, love what they do and they greatly appreciate that the company gave them a HUGE gift. I would probably trade some for crypto, but I would still keep there some just in case the company goes wild.

    That kind of reminds me of the chapter where Homer sold all his Apple stocks for bowling ball, don’t ask me why. I don’t have answer for it.

  4. I’d rather invest in crypto, that being said I’m holding a few shares of GBTC and my wife is considering picking up some COIN when she can!

    Do you really think the company pressures it’s employees on what to do with their positions? If so that’s messed up..

  5. Imagine apple employees getting shares at listing and immediately selling those. This is basically the same thing. I would just hold on to those. It’s not even worth 1 BTC and I imagine coinbase employees have been dcaing for some time now



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