Coinbase Gifts 100 Shares Each to 1,700 Employees Ahead of Public Listing

Coinbase Gifts 100 Shares Each to 1,700 Employees Ahead of Public Listing

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  1. tldr; Coinbase has gifted shares to its employees ahead of its direct listing on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Over 1,700 employees have been given 100 shares each as a way of expressing the company’s gratitude. With COIN stock opening at $250 per share, it amounts to a $25,000 thank-you note to all Coinbase staffers.

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  2. 1700 full-time employees are eligible. I see them closing not lower than $500 day one.

    Each employee could be 50k better off. Good move by Coinbase, great thankyou to all its employees.

    Would be good if they were to cash in, some goes back to crypto.

  3. This is how it should be, I know a lot of people working in places until pension and they retire just as poor as they were working there, it’s sad really, few shares should be a great retirement plan, hopefully in the future all employers will be considering of their employees

  4. Considering Armstrong owns like $14bn worth of COIN himself, I think sorting his employees out with $50m worth is the least he could do, equivalent of like 0.4% of his shares

  5. I wonder if this has anything to do with helping Coinbase dodge some taxes. Normally offering stock options and all that to employees is a great way of showing increased revenue but also somehow claiming a loss. This stuff is beyond me, but its food for thought.

    Either way, this is really nice of Coinbase and I sure wouldnt mind being on their payroll.



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