Coinbase listing effect reemerges as Ankr, Curve (CRV) and Storj rally

Coinbase listing effect reemerges as Ankr, Curve (CRV) and Storj rally

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  1. Question: i have been following the latest listings in an attempt to catch a CB bump but everytime a listing is announced the coin already jumped~40-50 %? how do ppl get the news BEFORE coinbase blog publishes it? am i missing some news source?

  2. Post coinbase dumps are the worst; especially on coins with no support

    ADA had support at $1.20 but the dump took it to as low as $1.06

    STORJ has some support at $0.80; but no real utility. The project has been kinda dead in the water for a while. I got in around $0.83 hoping for a 20% rebound from the previous $1 high. Then caught the CB pre-pump

    The coin is going to fall all the way down to $0.90 at least in the next couple of days

    I would suggest OXT for day trading next. It’s similar but with a support of $0.46 right now playing in the $0.70s. People might take their gains from STORJ and pump it next

  3. tldr; Coinbase will list Ankr, Curve DAO Token (CRV), and Storj (STORJ) on the top U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange on March 23. ANKR, CRV, and STORJ are expected to see double-digit price rallies following the listing announcement. CRV has rallied almost 600% from a low of $0.52 on Jan. 11 to $3.67 on March 6.

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