Coinbase listing is a “watershed moment for all crypto”

Coinbase listing is a “watershed moment for all crypto

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  1. I’m currently working on a way to accept crypto at our family solar business in Australia. Been slowly getting my Dad into the idea of cryptocurrency. exciting times to come

  2. These comments in this article are extremely bullish for ALL crypto.

    “It’s sort of feeding on itself. They’re less likely to sell crypto because they think Coinbase is going to help it. It’s a self-reinforcing dynamic,” said Fundstrat’s Tom Lee.

    “I’m not surprised the cryptos are running. Part of this is for the crypto community, nobody wants to be selling in front of the Coinbase offering,” said Fundstrat founder Tom Lee. “In the crypto market, if the sellers are on a selling hiatus, the price is going to keep going up…It’s kind of like you have a selling strike in front of the listing.”

  3. I’ve heard a number of people who are investing in coinbase in lieu of buying crypto. Kind of buying crypto by proxy, I guess. But I agree, this is huge for crypto in general and will (eventually) bring a lot more people in due to increased trust, interest, and exposure if the stock performs well.

  4. When Coinbase partners with First Blockchain Bank & Trust ***Proton xpr*** will move into top 100.
    Protons banking license is approx 6 weeks into the license review process already.
    Will bring crypto into the mainstream much quicker.

  5. tldr; Coinbase’s direct listing is expected to be a watershed moment for the crypto world and is likely to result in new offerings from other crypto-related entities. Bitcoin was trading up more than 5% Tuesday, above $63,220, according to Coin Metrics. Other cryptocurrencies also surged, with Ether trading at a new high Wednesday.

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  6. My money is on the investors dumping their money at the time it goes on sale. $400 is way too much IMO, I’d want to cash out at that price if I were an investor before it drops!

  7. This might go down as one of the biggest moments in the history of crypto…. mostly for it’s adoption into wallstreet execs and the general public after being the “red headed step child” of investments for so long.



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