Coinburp Partners With Polychain Monsters

Coinburp Partners With Polychain Monsters

The growing popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has taken everyone by surprise. Today, NFTs are counted as one of the most prominent digital asset categories, and space is witnessing a lot of collaborations between different organizations of late. In the latest development, CoinBurp has decided to come together with Polychain Monsters for capitalizing on the opportunities available in the NFT domain through the route of DeFi.

Polychain Monsters is one of the well-known names that offers incredible, beautiful NFTs in an animated format to users. These NFTs can be unpacked on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum platforms using the $PMON pack, consisting of three Polymon with a random color, type, glitter effect, etc. It’s important to note that the combination of the traits/characteristics is unique, enhancing the overall value of the NFT in the market.

The uniqueness of this partnership is the DeFi capabilities of Polychain Monsters which makes the project score high on the usability and practical applications. The users can easily access the swooping feature – NFTs can be swapped for $PMON, and $PMON can be swapped for NFTs. The additional capability comes in the form of a staking process through which $PMON can be staked, and chances of winning attractive rewards can be realized in each staking exercise.

The biggest advantage associated with Polychain Monsters is their interoperability feature. This allows these NFTs to be used across different blockchain platforms, and therefore, they are traded at a very high price in the secondary markets, including the OpenSea. The NFT collection has also collaborated with Polygon, ChainLink, and Elrond for their special drop editions.

The growth prospects of Polychain Monsters are very bright, especially in the wake of the emergence of numerous video and art platforms in the NFT and blockchain space. The project is already gaining a lot of traction. It seems that it is headed for big success soon as more and more platforms collaborate and become compliant with the interoperability feature.

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