CoinGecko Now Top 500 Most Viewed Websites

CoinGecko Now Top 500 Most Viewed Websites

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  1. This is weird but when I look at graphs on CoinGecko some are upside down! The weird thing is it only happens if I look at it using the Firefox web browser. For instance, if I click on bitcoin, then click Max on the graph it’s upside down. However, it’s rightside up on the Chrome browser. Does anyone else see this?

    Here’s a pic of what I see and I know bitcoin isn’t falling to less than $0:

  2. I honestly dont see much of a difference, and the UI in Coin Geck is literally trash. I have it but I always go to CMC since I havent seen anything weird about yet.

    Except that time when Flow was number 1 😂

  3. I switched to it from coinmarketcap last week. It feels much much better. The dark theme looks better, the crypto list looks cleaner, and the coin view shows more detail, for example, it tells you the price change in 1h, 24h, 7d, 14d, 30d and 1 year, while coinmarketcap only shows 24h.

    It also has a nice calculator built in for every crypto which comes pretty handy.

  4. PSA: Binance owns Coinmarketcap. Coingecko is an independent company which is not directly linked to any specific exchange or cryptocurrency. Do with this information what you will.

  5. I use CG all the time and I love it, but prices have some delay, right?

    Tradingview and Coin360 seem to sync up with the prices on my centralized exchange charts. Anyone know what the difference is or why?

  6. Crypto is all fake created by coingecko to make us addicted to checking prices for that sweet ad revenues + data collection. How could I not see this coming it’s the perfect plan. Zero !And I know the guy. ZERO! When it comes out, ZERO It’s going to ZERO
    And I know the guy.



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