Coinllectibles Enters Into a Partnership With OKEx


Coinllectibles has joined hands with OKEx for auctioning the Fusion NFTs of the inaugural batch at the new NFT-based marketplace of OKEx, according to OKEx exchange review reports. The first set of three Fusion NFTs up for bidding at the auction includes ceramic artworks obtained from the famous Dr. Herbert Lee by Coinllectibles. This set is a part of the Bronze Series 1 of Coinllectibles of 2021. The valuation of the collectibles of the Bronze Series ranges between HKD 500,000 and HKD 1,000,000. The items will be on auction exclusively on the NFT-based marketplace of OKEx. 

The Fusion NFTs of the Minted Coinllectibles bear documents that embody the rights of ownership of the collectibles. The set also comes with an appraisal report provided by an independent third-party valuer. The CEO of Coinllectibles, Toby O’Connor, is eagerly looking forward to the launch of Fusion NFT, and the team at Coinllectibles is striving hard to prepare for the auction. Currently, the team is focusing on preparing appraisal reports, selecting artworks, programming the Fusion NFTs, and clearing legal proceedings to get ready for the auction. Apart from the auction, Coinllectibles is also looking forward to conducting outreach events and more collectibles of Fusion NFTs. 

At Coinllectibles, the Fusion NFTs capture the independent valuation and ownership rights of the collectibles and physical arts secured by smart contracts on the blockchain. The Fusion NFTs create a bridge between the virtual and physical dimensions by connecting the markets of artworks and collectibles. 

Through the work at Coinllectibles, the CEO is focusing on developing a diverse portfolio of modern and historical artworks through minting at Fusion NFTs. As of today, Coinllectibles is the first platform to include documents of ownership on the blockchain network. In his opinion, the NFT marketplace of OKEx is the best exchange forum for launching the Fusion NFTs of Coinllectibles.

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