CoinMarketCap Earn finally started distributing coins, check your Binance accounts

Hello everyone, I just noticed I received 10 GRAPH and 1 1inch coin. These CoinMarketCap Earn campaigns were done a long time ago so I completely forgot. It’s possible they chose slow distribution, in order to not mess up the market. Have you guys received anything ?
I just noticed that they added a page on their website to track distribution status:

EDIT: I just found this in the rules:

• Users will get a certain, pre-determined amount of tokens on a first-come-first-serve basis until the faucet of tokens is emptied.

If you didn’t get any coins or all coins, it’s probably because you took the quiz too late

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  1. So somehow I only got the 10 GRAPH tokens, however I did also participate in the 1inch and SAND promotion. It is strange, but I mean I cant complain – atleast 10 GRT for free 😉

  2. There’s only a certain amount of users that will get these rewards on a first come first serve basis. So if you took the test too late you probably missed it. Hence only the Graph token

  3. Got CKB only, I think there was an unspecified cap on 1INCH and GRAPH since they distributed 50k and 100k only and the numbers are too round to be a coincidence. No regrets, I learned some things.



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