Coinpanion creates crypto investment funds for Austrian and German entrepreneurs


TL;DR Breakdown

• Coinpanion obtains almost €1.8 million as financing fund.
• The platform promises safe crypto investment in Bitcoin and altcoins for inexperienced clients.

Digital cryptocurrency manager Coinpanion has secured base funding of €1.8 million in investment for Austria and Germany. The crypto platform created in 2019 offers trading services with decentralized currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum.

Coinpanion has become the main source of crypto investment for people who have no experience in the virtual market. At the moment, Coinpanion is managing a lot of mutual fund money to benefit its clients.

The crypto investment drivers at Coinpanion

Coinpanion’s main investor is HTGF, a German equity fund company very popular in Europe. The co-founder of Scalable Capital, Patrick Poschl, has also entrusted his funds to crypto investment.

The company’s CEO that manages insurance, CLARK, is also on the list of shareholders on Coinpanion, like the Fitness Runtassic App co-founder, Florian Gschwandther. The list of cryptocurrency investors’ websites contains a high number, and from there, the trust that its clients have in it stands out.

The leading cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH, have been in all investors’ eyes for a long time while ignoring other altcoins like EOS, Chainlink, and Cardano. The Coinpanion platform tries to change that perspective of the crypto market to prioritize those tokens that investors have forgotten.

The aim is to facilitate crypto investment for all people. The crypto platform developers are enthusiastic about the support they receive from investors in Austria and Germany. The Coinpanion CEO, Alexander Valtingojer, clarifies that his website will not stop working to give the best to the public regarding cryptocurrencies.

The next steps for Coinpanion?

The developers will work to expand crypto services now that the platform has invested almost €1.8 million. Valtingojer also wants the number of employees to rise from 18 to 50 to meet the goals he has in mind.

The trade manager at High-Tech Grunderfonds, Kilian Von Berlichingen, clarifies that with Coinpanion, they already have an excellent crypto company supporting novice investors. The German company plans to grow with the partnership it obtained with the crypto investment platform.

Coinpanion offers secure Crypto Investment solutions for this complicated cryptocurrency industry. Customers can take one of several web wallets that specify which crypto they handle. The platform manages all crypto investments and also offers a savings system with tokens.

With the Coinpanion App, the client has a lot of information about his investment or future trade with cryptocurrencies. Each crypto wallet is secured so that the customer can use the wallet without fear.

The crypto platform handles various cryptocurrencies, and as the market grows, it is expected to advance in adoption.

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