Coins I like. Part One: A series based on research and my own personal feelings to help new comers sift through the many options. My first coin will be Bitcoin Gold – BTG

BTG is a decentralised currency modelling from Bit Coin itself and while it faced a massive launch quickly dropped in value but has however seen a steady rise again.

Supply Limit: 21,000,000
Initial Release: 12 November 2017

Why I like BTG:

To be honest I am a little sceptical on this coin and therefore only own a few of them, how ever I think that they could have some great potential so have chosen not to look past them entirely.

They are trying to offer a proper decentralised currency and to me this is one important factor to look at. Bitcoin to a large point has built its success through trully being a place people operating on the dark web can transfer funds and buy and sell without being tracked so yes the fact that it offers a platform for the shadier parts of society to operate is appealing and all while being much cheaper the Bitcoin.

While it did initially climb to around $500AUD before taking a massive drop it has steadily climbed in value and just this month alone during the “crash” dropped to $28AUD (where I took the opertunity to buy a few more) has since climbed to $43AUD today and continues to rise slowly.


while it has sustained a couple of attacks (most notable the 2020 attack) they have worked steadily to improve their chain and stay on task with there goal.


I believe this is a coin that can offer good potential long term. They have made it past the 3 year mark (a time frame I believe to be important) and survived attacks on their network and still continued.



Please feel free to add your thoughts criticism is important and I always value the thoughts of others.

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  1. I remember the hype when this launched. Then I remember the point a few months into 2018 when I started to agree when everyone was saying it was garbage.

    I’m now in the firm belief that BCH, BTG, BSV, BCD, BXC and all the other random variants of BTC are shitcoins. They tried and failed to topple the OG.

    I’ve still got bags in BCH, BTG and BSV but not much.

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