Congrats to the ones that hold! We were not cheated by this fools!

Maybe you guys already know this, but if someone doesn’t, here’s what happened according to an anonymous insider.

Credit to DuckyDuckDuck1000, taken from his post.


**This drop to 30k was an attempt to liquidate Justin Sun and has FAILED.**

If you’ve been keeping up with this, the drop was artificially created to liquidate 1 stakeholder of BTC so they could buy in at a extremely low price

I believe this person is Justin Sun (FOUNDER OF TRON) who has a $1B stake in BTC

There was a 2 min Window where liquidity protocol went into recovery mode and that $1B stake COULD OF been Liquidated BUT IT DIDENT HAPPEN

He rebalanced his TROVE and Paid back $300m of debt

This has been absolutely INSANE

Crashing the ENTIRE crypto market trying to liquidate one person is a crazy game to play.





Now supposedly, according to the same individual, there will be another attempt and this time they want to lower the price to 20k, I do not think they will do it because they were exposed, but if they dare please do not be scared, do not panic sell. Let’s not fall into the games of these greedy stupid people, let’s stay strong and united, we will defeat these idiots again if they dare.

Please share this message with everyone you know who is in this market, I wish you all the best!

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  1. Maybe we should all be talking about the manipulation and how countries and media and unlimited amount of money they have to play with to rob people of there holdings and bitcoin as we clearly all got taught a lesson they can pull bitcoin up or down or sideways, same shit now with wall street and now crypto and we all chose to accept it happen as long as you win and others lose, evil game and greed, yet love concept of bitcoin but now billionaires new play ground

  2. so who are “they” and how do they coordinate as in they go an enourmous risk to liquidate one person? it cant be a corporation, it isnt the winkelvosses nor saylor this all just screams make-up conspiracy to me especially considering the source and all the ends that dont make sense.

  3. I broke rank and sold at $44k and bought back at $38k. Still ahead, even after the fees. To lock in my long term gains for this year, and start anew from here. Would have been sweet to catch the $30-31k range.

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