Costner vs. Baumgartner: From Fairytale Wedding to Million-Dollar Mudfight!

Remember Kevin Costner’s dreamy Western wedding to Christine Baumgartner in 2004? It seemed like a storybook romance, but their recent divorce was anything but a happily ever after. Now, Harvey Levin and TMZ Investigates are diving deep into the bitter breakup, spilling the tea on infidelity rumors, hidden money moves, and a hefty price tag! ☕️

According to Harvey, Kevin was “totally blindsided” by Christine’s divorce filing last year. “He was devastated,” Levin claims, painting a picture of a heartbroken Hollywood cowboy. But hold on to your Stetsons, folks, because money was at the heart of the rodeo!

Remember that prenup? Yeah, it played a starring role. With Kevin’s estimated net worth in the hundreds of millions, Christine walked away with zilch in spousal support thanks to the agreement. Her initial request for a cool $248,000 a month in spousal support was wrangled down to a more modest $63,000 for child support. As Harvey says, “The judge was gonna enforce the prenup, so Kevin got what he wanted.”

But is there a new leading lady in Kevin’s life? Enter country songstress Jewel, spotted canoodling with Costner on Richard Branson’s private island. Are they riding off into the sunset together? Well, that’s where things get murky.

Harvey reveals “mixed signals” on their relationship status. Some sources claim they’re still an item, while others insist they’re just friends strumming the same tune. Only time will tell if this duet becomes a full-fledged love ballad!

So, was Christine left high and dry? Did Kevin lasso himself a new romance? And what juicy details will TMZ Investigates unearth next? Stay tuned, partners, because this Hollywood saga is far from over!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments! Who do you think is in the right in this divorce rodeo? And should Kevin and Jewel harmonize their way to a new romance? Let’s discuss!

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