Could the Brave Browser bring Crypto and NFTs to the Mainstream?

Could the Brave Browser bring Crypto and NFTs to the Mainstream?

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  1. Brave bringing the best browser and rewards for advertisements/consumers as well as a DEX and NFT marketplace all into one place. This will be so huge and it’s flying under the radar with all the other news in crypto nowadays

  2. I only just heard of Brave on Friday and while I downloaded and really enjoy it, I think a big issue with it is that it only really seems to be popular in crypto spaces, or at least from what I’ve seen

    They’ve doubled their user base in one year and it feels like it’s catching on, so I’m very hopeful for its future. It just needs to become more mainstream and broadly used

    I do think if they heavily advertised and really hit home on the privacy aspect of if with all the news nowadays about privacy, it’ll really catch on. I mean in the couple of days I’ve been using it it’s blocked 2.7K trackers on my phone alone and I haven’t really been browsing all that much

    Obviously the rewards part is huge, but a lot of people going in won’t get Brave because of that, they don’t have a good understanding of crypto aside from maybe Bitcoin

  3. tldr; Brave has unveiled its “Roadmap 2.0” laying out plans for an integrated DEX aggregator and non-fungible tokens support. Brave’s wallet will support DeFi and NFT use-cases, in addition to introducing mobile support and enhanced API functionality. Brave is targeting support for assets across multiple chains.

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  4. Brave is really introducing crypto to new people by rewarding BAT to any user for viewing ads, many people earning what is free crypto every day is a good way to get them to expand and start investing in different coins.



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