Cracking Satoshi Nakamoto and the cypherpunk movement

Cracking Satoshi Nakamoto and the cypherpunk movement.

The book Cryptonomicon written by Neal Stephenson with some Cypherpunk ideas where characters are building a data haven which will allow anonymous financial transactions.
features fictionalized characterizations of such historical figures as Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Douglas MacArthur, Winston Churchill, Isoroku Yamamoto, Karl Dönitz, Hermann Göring, and Ronald Reagan

Where Isoroku Yamamoto is an interesting name because it shares a part of the Satoshi Nak(amoto) pseudonym.
According to Wikipedia:
Who was the commander-in-chief during the early years of the Pacific War and died during WW2. Because American code breakers identified his flight plan..
Yamamoto was born as Isoroku Takano, and his father was Sadayoshi Takano (Sa)day(oshi) (T)(akan)o. Can give us the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

And where “Isoroku” is an old Japanese term meaning “56” what can lead us to John Gilmore who leaded a group to crack the Data Encryption Standard (DES) that uses a key of (56) -bit long.. So is it possible that John Gilmore is the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto?

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  1. I know a bit of Japanese, and all I have to say is… “moto” (元 or 本) is super duper common in Japanese names. It means something like “originally from.” For example, “Yamamoto” (山本) means “originally from the mountains.”

    And this thing you’re doing with his father’s name…

    >(Sa)day(oshi) (T)(akan)o

    …only makes sense to English speakers. Japanese spelling doesn’t work that way.

    The [Japanese syllabary]( largely pairs consonants with vowels, like this: Sa・da・yo・shi (さだよし) Ta・ka・no (たかの). And names are typically written in kanji, so it’s even less likely: Sada・yoshi (貞吉) Taka・no (高野).

    A Japanese person would be reluctant to split “yoshi” (吉) up because you’d lose the meaning behind the 吉 character (“luck”), but if they did, they’d split it up like “yo・shi” (よし) because that’s how they spell things.

  2. Satoshi Nakamoto means “Central Intelligence” in Japanese. It is a fake, made-up name. The Central Intelligence it refers to is GRU Russian Military Intelligence that developed the bitcoin algorithm to launder worthless rubles into exchangeable US Dollars, British Pounds and European Euros.

    It is getting millions of Gullible Greedy Gonks to take their Real Money, put it in a machine, and get a shiny token coin out, with the instructions to HODL the coin like it was their mama’s pussy.

    Satoshi Nakamoto

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