Crypto Analyst: $XRP ‘Could Provide an Opportunity for Investors To Profit’

Crypto Analyst: $XRP 'Could Provide an Opportunity for Investors To Profit'

On Thursday (March 25), on-chain analyst Ali Martinez explained how XRP “could provide an opportunity for investors to profit.”

On Tuesday (March 23), Santiment, which is “a behavior analytics platform for cryptocurrencies”, pointed out that XRP has been getting more attention on social media platforms:

Martinez says that according to the 30-day Market Value to Realised Value (MVRV) ratio, which apparently “recently dropped to -0.91%”, this might be a good time to buy XRP.

Furthermore, according to him, over the past week, “roughly 15 new whales have joined the network.”

Yesterday (March 24), Matt Hamilton, Director of Developer Relations at RippleX, published a blog post that reported on the results of HackSC, an annual hackathon at the University of Southern California (USC) that RippleX has been sponsoring for the past two years. This year’s event was attended by around 800 designers and developers. The idea was to see what interesting solutions powered by the XRP Ledger these people could come up with.

The theme for this year’s HackSC event was “Connect the World”, which meant that participants had to find innovative solutions for bringing individuals and communities together.

The winners in the categories Person, Team, customer, and Device were PurplePOV, Handsoff, Cofu, and Brainrunner respectively.

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