Crypto ATMs: FBI advises crypto enthusiasts regarding ATM and QR payment scams

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• FBI shows new modus operandi for crypto scams.
• Anonymous Crypto ATMs are the perfect instrument for virtual scams, according to the FBI.

With the rise in crypto ATM scams, the FBI agency has taken the time to warn enthusiasts about these new fraud systems. According to the North American investigation agency, with the growth of cryptocurrencies, several scammers have taken advantage of ATMs and crypto payments in QR to steal funds.

The national office also clarified that hundreds of victims have solely used ATMs to secure their crypto transactions, but they have been scammed. Although the FBI has not stopped investigating these fraud cases, the agency has warned cryptocurrency fans about this new modus operandi.

FBI addresses crypto ATMs scams

Crypto ATMs

The FBI’s investigative agency in the United States knows the new virtual scams associated with Crypto ATMs. According to the agents, these attacks are caused by the absence of records in crypto transactions, where an anonymous person sends money to another person in total anonymity. Cybercriminals take advantage of this lack of regulation to request ransoms for data theft in virtual companies or other types of scam payments.

The FBI indicates that the criminals ask for a payment in cryptocurrencies. The affected person must withdraw their money from the bank account and deposit it in a crypto wallet. Agents do not cross out a specific cryptocurrency, but given these Crypto ATMs’ operations, they may be BTC-related scams.

Researchers also talk about QR payments where the criminals send the unique code linked to their crypto wallet. These scams could be related to billions of dollars that many American citizens have been affected by.

FBI advises crypto investors on ATM scams

Guided by the collected investigations, the FBI creates tips so that crypto investors are not scammed with crypto ATMs. Even though the criminals have communicated, the agency asks investors to avoid paying ransoms for scams using cryptocurrencies. The person should remain calm and inform the authorities about the possible scam they are going through.

The agency has also asked crypto merchants to avoid such promotions from supposed exchanges where they ask for personal data or minimal investment to obtain profits. In these cases, the agency asks enthusiasts to investigate the crypto platform and how legitimate their promotion is.

Finally, the FBI believes that merchants should avoid Crypto ATMs with an anonymous transaction system where only an email and number are requested. The agency attacks anonymous ATMs saying they are instruments for scams, money laundering, and where terrorism is supported within North America.

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