Crypto Entrepreneur Tortured For Hours by Masked Criminals Over Millions in Bitcoin

Crypto Entrepreneur Tortured For Hours by Masked Criminals Over Millions in Bitcoin

Zaryn Dentzel, the co-founder of a Spanish tech company, Tuenti, recently recounted that he was attacked by criminals who tried to rob him of his bitcoins worth millions of euros.

The ugly incident, which was said to have happened around 3 PM (local time) on the 2nd of October, involved about four to five robbers.

Dentzel claimed that the robbers, who were all masked, attacked him in his apartment located in Madrid, Spain, torturing him severely for four hours.

He said that these criminals tied, bound, gagged him, and then sprayed something in his eyes. After which they beat him, slashed his chest with a knife, and even shot him with a taser gun multiple times.

The reason for the torture was to extract from Dentzel the passwords to his bank accounts as well as the passwords of the electronic wallets that stored his cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins, that are worth “tens of millions” of euros. 

The crypto entrepreneur claimed that he gave in to their demands and unfortunately revealed these passwords to the assailants.

According to a local newspaper in Spain, local police were informed of the robbery by a neighbor who heard shrieks for help coming from Dentzel’s home.

The report further mentioned that some witnesses nearby claimed to have seen a group of masked men escaping to the street while clutching bags.

Reportedly, Madrid’s Policia Nacional is already investigating the matter even though no arrests have been made yet. 

Investigations though might be prolonged because the masked robbers reportedly covered the security cameras in Dentzel’s apartment before committing their atrocities, making it difficult to identify who they were.

Dentzel can however still “rejoice” as police have confirmed that the robbers’ attempts to steal any of his cryptocurrency were unsuccessful.

This is not the first time something similar to this is happening. In fact, in most cases, criminals do not have to come in physical contact with their victims before stealing cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Unfortunately, a good number of crypto-theft attempts have been successful.

For example, in January, Coinfomania reported that a Chinese trader lost about 15 bitcoin (worth $387,000 then) to a gang of robbers who had disguised themselves as potential buyers.

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