Crypto Royale: Browser-based Battle Royale! (this week awarding VIPER)

Hey all.

Not sure whether you’ve heard of [Crypto Royale](, I’ve posted about it before (when it was called Nano Royale). It’s a browser-based Battle Royale game that runs 24/7, offering Crypto to its survivors. It used to be desktop only, but is now also mobile, and features a different crypto every week. This week’s tournament has a huge $400 prize pool of VIPER with free entry. If you’re interested, hop on to the discord server and sign up! Details below:

**Time and Place:**

Sunday June 13th @ 3pm UTC



Competitors will play in faucet games (expect 5-7 players per game) until enough of them have qualified to the next round. To qualify, players will need to accrue 10 points (win = 4 points, kills = 1 point). The process will repeat until there are 4 players left. These last 4 players will battle it out in 1v1s. Two semifinals (best of 7), followed by the grand final (best of 9).

**How you can join**:

*Step 1*: Join the Crypto Royale discord server (you can find the link on the website)

*Step 2*: Book your spot with: !tournament VIPERROYALE enter

**Earning ROY:**

If you can’t make the tournament, you can also earn ROYALE tokens 24/7 by playing games in the faucet. [ROY]( is only days from being listed on the the [Viper DEX]( (June 10th). So you’ll be able to withdraw and trade it for other currencies (or fiat) then.

See some of you on Sunday!


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  1. I played this when it was NanoRoyale. payouts are low, but with the introduction of ROY im interested in watching what happens here. Good for passing a small amount of time.

  2. Sure, let’s spend an average of 3 minutes to TRY to get $0.000001 (literally, check the price).

    This is worse than a faucet since only one can actually win the ridiculously low amount being given.

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